Tuesday January 23 , 2018

Intruder Alarm Systems


NSI-logoWhen dealing with Intruder Alarm Systems, OpenView Security Solutions Limited has vast knowledge & experience to ensure we select the appropriate solution for you. OpenView Security Solutions Limited (Romford branch) is a fully accredited NSI Gold business which qualifies us to install your system and provide a remote monitoring service from an ARC (alarm receiving centre / remote monitoring station).

It is important for customers to have a properly designed Intruder Alarm System to meet legislations that are demanded by insurance companies and to enable a URN to be assigned to a system. A URN (unique reference number) is the code assigned to a system / installation which will only be granted for fully compliant systems and this enables your system, site and premises to be remotely monitored by an ARC and provide a police response when the system is activated.

The types of systems we install are always:

  • Compliant with the required standards
  • Designed to practically operate for your organisation
  • Are expandable, modular & upgradable
  • Use established products and system equipment which is reliable and easy to support

We can install both hard wired or wireless systems for you and can provide the most practical design.

We can integrate your alarm system to other systems e.g.

  • Public address to enable remote warnings to be broadcasted from an ARC
  • CCTV cameras for video verification
  • Signalling (txt / e-mail) to your mobile phone

EN50131 European Standards For Intruder Alarm Systems