Tuesday January 23 , 2018

Fire Detection Systems

Fire Detection Systems

Openview Group provide integrated fire alarm and detection systems offering both Managed and Open protocol solutions, supplied through our system manufacturer partners including Gent by Honeywell, Kentec, C-TEC, Apollo, Wagner, Xtralis and TOA. Our relationship with our suppliers and our approach to accreditation and training allows us to provide turnkey solutions for the design, installation and maintenance of tailor made solutions for our clients within the private and public sectors.

Our national coverage allows us to provide our services across the UK. Each branch has a team of highly trained engineering teams who are dedicated to providing the best system solution available in compliance with the latest legislation, utilising the most technically advanced equipment available in line with the requirements of all relevant legislation and third party approval.

Our on-site Risk Assessments allow us to individually design the best system and service available to understand, manage and reduce the risks and can ensure you are operating an effective fire safety strategy that is appropriate for your business.

Our comprehensive design services for all systems ensures full compliance with all relevant British Standards and European regulations in particular BS5839 and EN54.

SystemsServicesAccreditations & Standards
Fire Alarm and Detection Maintenance BAFE
Voice Alarm Install ISO9001
Gas Suppression Commissioning ISO 14001
Aspirating (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus VESDA) Maintenance ISO 18001
Disabled Refuge Integration BS5838
Fire Telephones Asset Management EN54
Emergency Lighting Risk Management LPB1014
Disabled Toilet Alarm
Induction Loop
Radio Based Fire Alarm Systems
Linear Heat
CCTV Smoke Detection

Accreditations and Memberships






gent24 Managed Protocol Fire Alarm and Detection systems, Voice Alarm Systems and Disabled Refuge Alarm Systems.
toatapp  TOA APPROVED PROJECT PARTNER for Voice Alarm Systems, Public Address Systems, Voice Over IP, Professional Audio and Speakers.
apollo  Open Protocol Detection Devices.
 kentec Open Protocol Fire Alarm and Gas Suppression Control and Indication Panels.
 ctec Open Protocol Fire Alarm Panels, Disabled Refuge Systems, Disabled Toilet Systems, Induction Loop, Nurse & Warden Call Systems and Ancillary devices.
 hyfire Radio Based Fire Alarm and Detection Systems
 baldwin Voice Alarm, Public Address and Disabled Refuge/Toilet Alarm systems.
 wagner Aspirating Detection, Gas Suppression and Oxygen Reduction Systems.
 xtralis Aspirating (VESDA) Detection.
 penton Voice Alarm and Public Address Speakers