Tuesday January 23 , 2018

External Protection - Automated Barriers & Gates


When dealing with barrier automation, OpenView Security Solutions Limited has a vast knowledge & experience to ensure we select the appropriate solution for you.

Our company is accredited with particular suppliers to implement and support a full range of system types, ranging from small stand alone to multi site & estate wide solutions that are fully integrated to suit your operational requirements.

The systems we install are always proven from an established & market leading manufacturer.

Our External security barrier solutions consist of the following:

  • Car Parking automated barriers
    • Rising arm barriers (with optional curtains)
    • Road blockers / Rising kerbs
    • Rising bollards

    The above solutions can be automated with access control systems e.g. card swipe, coded keypad, intercoms, ANPR CCTV.

    The above systems can be provided with traffic light signalling and ground induction loops for automatic / fast exiting.

    All systems have safety detection devices to avoid vehicle interference, i.e. barriers colliding with vehicles while going through a controlled zone.

    Particular systems can be PAS 68 compliant (crash test certified)

  • External manual & automated gates & turnsitles
    • Manual gates made to bespoke sizes & finishes
    • Motorised gates made to bespoke sizes & finishes
    • All gates can have access control facilities (card swipe and intercoms fitted) as part of an integrated security solution
    • Waist height or full height access controlled turnstiles

  • PIDS (Perimeter Intruder Detection System)
    • Infra-red detection systems
    • Fence Alarm zoned systems
    • Acoustic fibre optic systems
    • Video analytic systems