Tuesday January 23 , 2018

Door Entry & Intercom Systems


When dealing with door entry systems, OpenView Security Solutions Limited has a vast knowledge & experience to ensure we select the appropriate solution for you.

OpenView has probably installed more door entry & intercom systems that any other company in the UK, especially for the public sector housing market.

We are term contractors for many local authorities providing installation of new systems (often under framework agreements) plus borough wide maintenance services.

We have installed and support systems from basic stand alone entry level systems that meet your budget through to multi-site networked systems in excess of over 10,000 dwellings dispersed over a wide geographical area.

With the higher use of IP technology our services have been extended to encompass providing and managing data network infrastructure plus working with your IT provider.

Most of our door entry systems include fully integrated key-fob access control systems too.

Centralised Concierge Projects – OpenView pioneering the way

Market trends have seen a shift from local to centralised concierge services and OpenView has pioneered this model for many of our customers. We have migrated multiple buildings onto a common network infrastructure to communicate door entry systems back to a central concierge security control centre. This model reduces staffing costs and provides efficiencies through centralised concierge management. Many of these projects include centralisation of other security systems for the concierge control centre; notably CCTV, Public Address, Access Control and Alarm Management.

OpenView providing turn key projects using Wardrop Doors & Screens

OpenView can also provide a full turn key door entry project inclusive of security doors & screens installed at the entrances served by the door entry and access control systems. Our group business company Wardrop manufactures timber doors and screens which enable OpenView to provide entrances that are designed to your required standards, inclusive of DDA and secure by design compliance. By using our own company we guarantee the highest quality at the most competitive price.


We have recently seen a shift from the traditional functional and digital systems (both audio only and audio-video systems) to IP based intercom / door entry systems. OpenView has installed many IP based door entry systems and has, in fact, installed one of the largest multi site, IP intercom systems in the UK.

Door Entry Systems Available

  • Small functional audio & video systems
  • Digital audio & Video systems
  • Multi site systems controlled by master concierge control centres
  • The latest IP based door entry systems
  • Systems integrated to telephony networks
  • Interactive systems using I-Pad style screens providing two way communications between the housing department and the resident


Latest Style IP (I-PAD style) interactive door entry hands-free apartment station providing applications for residents and communications to housing departments

In summary OpenView is the largest and most experienced door entry system supplier in the UK providing services for:

  • Local authorities
  • Housing associations
  • PFI organisations
  • Construction companies under refurbishment programs
  • Private housing developers