Tuesday January 23 , 2018

A History of rapid growth

historyOur Financial History & Position

OpenView Security Solutions Limited commenced trading as Cartel Security Systems in 1989 and has seen continuous growth to current date.

In 2012 all of the OpenView Group companies merged to form OSSL. This greatly strengthens our market position as a single business with a common objectives, strategies and fully integrated services.

From Scratch to £25M+ with 200 employees over 20 years

Our growth commenced organically as Cartel Security Systems in the mid 1990's followed by significant company acquisitions made during the last decade.

We are now a £25M+ annual turnover business employing 200+ people, the majority being the engineering force.

We now efficiently fully cover the mainland UK due to the geographical spread of our branch network. This allows us to provide both an effective and local service delivery approach.

OSSL was formed in August of 2012 by the merger of the OpenView Group of Companies being:

  • Cartel Security Systems Limited
  • Delaware Communications Limited
  • Camrasonic Limited
  • Garndene Communication Systems Limited

Under the new OSSL company structure; these former companies are now regional offices which creates a national network under one single brand and business.

OSSL is now a larger single business that has greater stature within the industry and provide a consistent and focussed approach acting as one business.